We are able to design, install and test automatic weighing systems for many industries.  Over the years, we have implemented significant upgrades within the fish processing sector.  From the automatic weighing and control of cooker and peeler systems with built-in data recording to asphalt bagging systems.  Using Rice Lake Weighing Systems powerful 920i indicator and external control panels, we are able to control both hydraulic and pneumatic outputs as well as sensors to ensure correct sequencing of systems.  With these systems, integrated data acquisition is built in as standard.

Who We Service

Our customer base is ever increasing and the industries we service are constantly growing. Below is a list of some of the industries we currently interact with on a regular basis.

  • Fishing ( Processing plants / Offshore vessels )
  • Retail / Convenience Stores
  • Transportation
  • Precious metal & Marijuana
  • Mining
  • Garbage disposal
  • Manufacturing
  • Recycling
  • Medical ( Hospitals / Clinics / Pharmacies / Care homes )

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